SJA Connect login 2023 |

SJA Connect login 2023 |

AJS Connect 2022 Login |, the portal or sharepoint of St. John Ambulance SJA Connect is the website for all students in need of information. Most importantly, however, this SJAConnect hotspot is accessed to the St. Personal John is issued to users with personal accounts.

In terms of its importance, the SJA Connect sharing point is at the heart of the benefits of an online account management service. Simply put, through this portal, St. John Ambulance allows users to access their respective Main Account or Country Account.

So basically, all the information requested by volunteers and students related to SJA can be found on this website. This portal is a secure platform that restricts unauthorized visitors, protects user information and provides privacy.

About St. John Ambulance UK

John Ambulance was founded in 1877 as part of the parent organization of the Order of St. John. It is a combination of several organizations in different countries. These organizations in their respective countries provide first aid and medical emergency services.

And these services are provided by St. John Ambulance. SJA mainly consists of more than 500,000 volunteers in different countries. Originally, this organization was founded as St. John in 1877 in England. And the St. John was founded in 1887 as the first uniformed first responder.

Eventually, these two organizations were merged, creating St. John Ambulance, which has more than 40 national organizations around the world. Furthermore, most of these national organizations are affiliated with Johanniter International.

SJA Connect Me Login Process Step By Step

To login to your St. John Ambulance UK account you need proper details regarding the SJA Connect login process, and most importantly you need the correct login web address. So, here you will find all this information all together, in fact, you can check out the login process in detail here below.

Now, other than having detailed information about the login process, the web-address users will also need their username and password. And if you already have these login credentials and you just need to learn the process then you can read the following.

  • STEP 1. Visit the SJA Connect Login portal at
  • STEP 2. The provided link will redirect you to the St. John Ambulance UK Login page.
  • STEP 3. On the login page enter your Username, Password, and Passcode.
  • STEP 4. Click on Logon.
  • STEP 5. Finally, the server will grant you access to your SJA Connect account.

SJA Connect Me Login

Visit Here

SJAConnect Portal

SJAConnect Login Password Reset

At the official SJAConnect Intranet portal, there are instructions provided to users in case they forgot their password. In fact, these instructions are meant to help users reset SJA connect share-point login passwords. So, if you have forgotten your password and want to reset it but don’t know the process, then you can check out the following instructions.

Well, there isn’t much to follow, as a matter of fact, all you need to do is get in touch with the SJA IT Support UK. And as per the guidelines available at the SJA connect sign-in portal you can either send an email to the support desk or call the support desk.

  • Visit
  • On the login page click on the forgotten password.
  • Next, enter your SJA email, Date of Birth and choose the reset code option.
  • Next click on I’m not a robot and get your code.

SJA Connect Login Portal Benefits

Given the fact that the official St. John Ambulance share-point is the portal to visit to obtain any information, there are features that assist users. So, for SJA connect login there are tools that help users to log in. Similarly, there are other online features available at the portal which benefits the users and provides effective and efficient online account management services.

Here is the list of SJA login portal benefits that you might want to learn about. This list also provides users with explicit details of the features that will be available to them online. So, if you want to be aware of the features and its services along with its benefits take a read of the following.

  • Users can visit the SJA Connect login portal 24/7.
  • Only authorized users with correct user credentials are allowed access to sensitive information.
  • The portal offers users privacy and protects their personal information.
  • With SJA login users can access their personal account and their course details, time committed, etc.
  • At the portal, users can find the official SJA support contact details.
  • Most importantly the portal offers signing an option through a secure server.

SJA IT Support Contact Details

The official St. John Ambulance UK support contact information is important, especially for those who need to reset their SJA connect login password. However, having the contact details also has additional benefits such as obtaining certain information that you cannot find by yourself, among others.

So, here below you can find the details that can help you get in touch with the SJA IT Support desk UK whenever necessary. Therefore, if you don’t have this information with you then it is in your best interest that you take note of it.


Find SJA Connect Intranet Login Username/Email Address?

Usually, users do not tend to forget their SJA Sign In username or email address. Still, for precautionary measure instructions to find your forgotten username is provided. Thus, if you happen to forget your SJA login username then all you need to do is;

Contact the SJA IT Support Desk UK. You can find the contact details of the St. John Ambulance contact number in the previous section above.

How to download SJA MyApp?

Besides using the SJA gateway to connect SJA, interested users can complete their SJA Connect intranet using SJA MyApp which they can download to their personal mobile phones. Applications First Aid Ambulance St. John is available for Android and iOS phone users. So to download AJS myApp on your phone you just need to do;

  • Go to Google Play Store or Apple Store.
  • Search for the St. John Ambulance app.
  • Once you find it, tap on the Install option.
  • You can open the app once the download is complete.
  • Finally, use your login details to complete your SJA Connect login.


John Ambulance has more than 40 organizations in different countries around the world. However, this article only focuses on St. John UK. However, if you need information about SJA Connect, SJA connect intranet or SJA Connect sharing points, you can leave a comment below

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