WHG Choose And Move Login Guide 2023

WHG Choose And Move Login Guide 2023

The WHG Select and Move Login Portal is like any other online platform, but some features make it different from others. More importantly, the fact that the portal is purely for Select and Move members.

Basically, the portal is where registered members can complete their WHG Pick and Move login. Likewise, there are other features that will be returned to users who have successfully logged in. These facilities include full access to users' personal accounts and profile management tools, among others.

As a proprietary online platform, it follows a number of principles necessary to protect the privacy of its users. Therefore, even registered users are subject to certain rules and regulations. This is the same condition for registered members if they want to avail its services.

About WHG Choose and Move

WHG Choose and Move is an online housing service provided by Walsall Housing Group Limited or WHG. Founded in March 2003, WHG is a housing association that is an association or non-profit organization.

In 2003, the housing estate came under the jurisdiction of the Walsall Municipality, which was later transferred to the housing group.

According to this housing association, there are more than 21,000 homes. And most of these homes are mainly located in Walsall County, West Midlands. The association provides online services to registered households through the official WHG Choose and Move website.

Credentials Required For WHG Choose And Move Login

For user identification, the portal verifies the login credentials produced by the user at the time of login. And as per the norms, it accepts the login request only if the credentials provided are verified to be correct and registered.

In other words, if you enter incorrect login credentials then you cannot log in. What’s more, each member will have different login credentials for the individual identification of users. So, you cannot log in to your account using the login details of other members.

Furthermore, these user login particulars are a mandatory requirement, hence make sure you have the correct;

  • Email Address
  • Password

How do I sign in to WHG Login Select and Move Portal?

There is only one way to successfully complete WHG Choose and Move login. And the entire course of action is guided by the official guiding principle exclusively devised for WHG login. So, it is obvious that as a registered user, one must proceed in accordance with these guidelines.

In case you have not been made aware of the process based on these norms, then you should learn about it. Although, it doesn’t take much time to log in, when you know the correct steps, since the entire process is made up of these steps, that you can see below;

  • STEP 1. Visit the WHG Choose and Move Login portal at https://chooseandmove.whg.uk.com.
  • STEP 2. If you click on the link the Choose and Move page will be displayed on your screen.
  • STEP 3. Here, you first have to enter your Email address and Password.
  • WHG Choose And Move Login
  • STEP 4. To proceed click on Sign in.
  • STEP 5. Finally, the portal should grant you access to your Choose and Move Account.

How to Reset WHG Choose and Move Login Password?

Any individual who does not know the right process to recover a memorable date cannot find their own when they forget it. In fact, you have to act in accordance with the official procedure. And just like WHG login, there is an official procedure exclusively to reset WHG login memorable date.

Now, if you want to reset your Memorable date then necessary instructions have already been provided below. However, to complete the process you will need to provide your Login reference, email id, NI number, postcode, family name, and date of birth. If you can provide these details then;

  • Go to the WHG Login portal.
  • Click on Forgotten password.
  • You are then redirected to a new page.
  • Here you need to enter the email address and click on recover password.
  • After this, you will receive an email to reset the password.
  • You can then finally reset your WHG Login memorable date.

Kirklees WHG Choose and Move Register Online Process

If you are not registered with Choose and Move then this section is going to be highly informative for you. This section with its content can help you successfully register with Choose and Move. And as stressed in the initial phase registration is a mandatory requirement to set up an account with Choose and Move which you can then access when you log in.

New users who are unregistered are obligated to register by the official registration procedure. Similarly, they also need to provide details that will be required during their registration. Each of these criteria is compulsory, so first, check out the details required for your registration;

  • Primary Applicant National Insurance Number.
  • User Personal Details.
  • Date Of Birth.
  • Email Address.
  • Post Code.
  • Household Details.

Those of you who can provide each of the details mentioned above, can complete their Choose and Move New Household registration with the following mandate.

  • Visit www.whgchooseandmovelogin.org.uk.
  • On the homepage look at the top-right corner.
  • You will see the Register option. Tap on it.
  • A new page will appear on your screen.
  • Here enter your Primary Applicant Insurance Number.
  • Click on Continue to proceed.
  • On the next page fill up the application and press Continue.
  • Now, follow the instructions to complete WHG New Household Registration.

Benefits of WHG Choose and Move Login Portal

For registered household members the WHG login website is a convenient service provider. Therefore, it would not be unfair to state that members benefit a lot from this site and its facilities. So, let us take a quick look at the benefits of using the WHG Choose login platform.

  • Free access to registered household members 24/7.
  • Secure connection, along with user privacy.
  • Exclusive access to personal ChoosenMove account.
  • Members can manage their properties, profile, rent, or move properties.
  • Individuals can also get personalized housing advice
  • It allows members to search for WHG properties online.
  • Registration facility for unregistered households.


How do I find the WHG login references when lost?

Finding your lost WHG Choose and Move login reference is quite easy. You simply have to check any correspondence sent by Choose and Move. And in case you don’t have the correspondence then you can contact the WHG support desk.

Download Choose and Move WHG App.

Downloading the WHG app is not too difficult as it is available online for various smartphones, such as Android and iOS. So if you want WHG Select and Move services in the palm of your hand, download this app;

  • Go to Google Play Store or Apple Store.
  • Search WHG App.
  • Click on Install.
  • Once it is installed, open the app.
  • Enter your Login Reference and Memorable Date.
  • Click on Continue.


To use the services of WHG Choose and Move UK, you will need as much information as possible. Therefore, the above content regarding WHG Login, Select and Move Registry and WHG Ownership will help you to use your services profitably. And if you need any information, let us know in the comment box below.