Freeports Operator Jobs at Alistair Group 2022


Freeports Operator Jobs at Alistair Group 2022

Job Overview

Freeports Operator 

Dar es Salaam

Alistair Group

Alistair Group makes our clients’ businesses work better in Africa by self-delivering integrated logistics solutions.

Accountabilities & Responsibility Areas

  • Responsible for the operation of the Alistair Freeport facility in line with Alistair Group policies
  • Assess the availability of pace and prepare stacking/storage plans prior to programming/contingency commodities arrivals
  • Produce and Monitor the progress of all incoming and existing consignments.
  • Supervise the receipt and inspection of all arriving consignments.
  • Supervise the inspection and release of all departing consignments.
  • Monitor the quantity and quality of commodity (ies) stored.
  • Carry out regular physical random warehouse checks of commodities and inventory.
  • Develop warehouse facility operations policies and procedures and communicate this information to staff/group.
  • Direct and control corporate governance and regulatory compliance procedures within the warehouse operations department.
  • Perform day-to-day administrative tasks such as maintaining files and processing paperwork (Import/Export/Bin Card).
  • Produce weekly and monthly inventory reports.
  • Ensure that accurate and complete accounting, reporting and internal control systems are functioning and that all relevant records are properly maintained.
  • Perform other work-related tasks as required as assigned.
  • Ensuring the company Receiving SOP is strictly followed at all times

Cargo Management

  • Inventory management (routine stock checks and count)
  • Warehouse mapping, and stock count report (internal – once weekly)
  • Freeports Operator Job Vacancy at Alistair Group


  • Twice daily internal updates on warehouse status
  • Casual labor management
  • Equipment maintenance and refueling
  • HSSEQ Compliance
  • Coordination of operators
  • Briefing on warehouse operations
  • General warehouse upkeep and housekeeping
  • Management of petty cash


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