Price Chopper Direct Connect 2023 Best Guide


Price Chopper Direct Connect 2023

Price Chopper Direct Connect -; Price Chopper Direct Connect is a website that lets Price Chopper employees connect with each other. A portal is a great place for employees to find information. It makes it easy for them to get their important online information. Managers also find the portal easy to use. They can use it to look online at employee schedules and paychecks.

The portal lets employees see their pay stubs, schedules, and information about their benefits online. The portal also lets employees change their contact information, make changes to their payroll deductions, and ask for time off.

About Price Chopper

Price Chopper is a chain of grocery stores in the northeastern and central parts of the United States. Ben and German Silverman, who were brothers, began the business in 1932. The Golub Corporation owns Price Chopper now. The company was bought by the Golub Corporation in 1986.

The Golub Corporation is a private company with its main office in Schenectady, New York. The company has more than 33,000 employees and runs more than 130 stores under the names Price Chopper and Market 32. The Vitamin Shoppe, Price Rite, Mohawk Mattress, DGS Delicatessen, and DeMoulas Supermarkets are all owned and run by the Golub Corporation.

MyPriceChopper Direct Connect Schedule

Direct Connect Price Chopper is a grocery store. Anyone can look at any Price Chopper employee's work schedule thanks to a bug in My Portal. Anyone can get an employee's pay stub, see what hours they are working, and see what deductions have been taken out of their pay in a matter of minutes. The portal is open all the time, every day of the week. You can get to it from any computer that can connect to the internet.

Benefits of Price Chopper Direct Connect

There are several benefits of having Direct Connect account. Some of these are as follows:

  • Access to employee information is available around-the-clock.
  • Employee schedules are available online at all times for managers to see.
  • Contact information and other personal details can be updated online by employees.
  • Employees can alter their schedules online, which will immediately alert management to changes in shift requirements, and request time off as well.
  • Employees can examine their pay stubs and review the deductions made from their paychecks by visiting

Direct Connect Price Chopper Login Requirements

  • Price Chopper Direct Connect Login web address.
  • Price chopper directly connects associates with a valid Username or Unique ID and Password.
  • The Internet browser is compatible with the Price Chopper Direct Connect Portal official website.
  • Laptop or PC Smartphone or Tablet with Reliable internet access.

How To Log In To Price Chopper Direct Connect Portal?

The steps to log into the mypricechopper login portal are as follows:

  • Visit to access the official Price Chopper Direct Connect login page.
  • You can access my direct connect Price Chopper login page by clicking this link.
  • Your Username or Unique ID and Password will be required.
  • To access the direct connect Price Chopper employee portal, click the "Sign In" option.

How to Reset Mypricechopper Login Password?

Have you forgotten the login password? These are the steps to retrieve your password:

  • Visit to access the official Price Chopper Direct Connect Portal login page.
  • Then select "lost your password" from the menu.
  • Your Username will be required when prompted.
  • Click "Search" once again.
  • Click the "I forgot my Username" link if you can't remember your username.
  • Click "Submit" after entering the email address linked to your Price Chopper Direct Connect account.
  • After that, you'll receive an email with directions for changing your password.
  • After changing your password, you can use your new password to access the Price Chopper Direct Connect Portal.

Price Chopper Helpdesk Contact Information

Please contact Price Chopper customer support if you are having trouble logging onto your direct link to my portal account for Price Chopper:

Price Chopper Social Handles

Final Words

The Price Chopper Direct Connect Login at is the topic at hand. Everything pertaining to the Price Chopper Direct Connect Schedule, including the Price Chopper Direct Connect Login and Price Chopper Direct Connect Password Reset, has been disclosed. Please get in touch with Price Chopper customer support if you need assistance or have any queries. Please visit for more guides. I appreciate your reading.

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